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16 June
Ohno gave a lecture for the general public titled “The characteristics and transformation of Japanese traditional houses” at “the 246 Seminar” of Shibuya Center of the Open University of Japan.
講演スライド(slides used ) ⇒PDF
13 May
マンチェスター大学のレイモンド・ルーカス博士をMERA研究会(日本建築学会人類学的アプローチWG との共催)にお招まねきして、「建築人類学のノーテイション(表記法)」と題する講演をして頂きました。
Dr. Raymond Lucas from University of Manchester gave a lecture titled “architectural anthropology” at the MERA seminar (under the cosponsorship of the anthropological approach working group of AIJ) held at University of Tokyo.
31 March
日本建築学会の新英文誌(Japan Architectural Review)に大野研究室の「移動時の知覚に関する研究」に関するレビュー論文が掲載されました(オンラインジャーナル)。
"Studies on Environmental Perception during Locomotion--A Review of Empirical Studies by the Ohno Laboratory" has just published in the Japan Architectural Review, which is an open access journal on Wiley Online Library.

PDF⇒Full paper
20 January
Ohno enjoyed a potluck party at home with the Chinese students whom he taught 1.5 years ago in Changchun. They now study in Tokyo to seek doctoral degree in architecture or civil engineering.
14 January
Ohno gave a lecture for the general public titled “How to manage and enjoy urban spaces” at “the 246 Seminar” of Shibuya Center of the Open University of Japan.

10 October - 12 November
Ohno stayed for one month in the Dalian University of Technology as a “sea/sky scholar”, visiting professor, to give a series of lectures on EBS and to advise graduate students on their researches.
A report (in Chinese) ⇒大連理工大学建艺学院新聞
7 November
Ohno gave a special lecture titled "Possible Contribution of New Data Environment and New Analytical Techniques to Environment-Behavior Studies " at the Department of Architecture, Tianjin University. Associate professor Yuan, ex-student of Ohno Lab. made the introduction.
15–30 September
Ryuzo Ohno stayed for a half month in the Shengyan Architectural University as a visiting professor to give a series of lectures on EBS and to advise graduate students on their researches.
23-24 September
Ohno attended a conference on 10 Years Liaodogn Bay Development held in Pangjin, Liaoning, China. Professor Yuan Yichen from Tianjin University also attended the conference.
25 July
– 3 September

Ryuzo Ohno stayed 6 weeks in Changchun, China, where he taught academic writing and presentation in Japanese to Chinese students who received scholarship from Japanese Government to seek Ph.D. degree in Japan.
27 May
The wedding ceremony of Mr. Ryo Kawase and Miss Akane Tokorodani, who fished their Master course at Ohno laboratory in 2013 and 2014 respectively, was held in Ginza, Tokyo. At the wedding party, their many contemporaries at Tokyo Tech attended and celebrated the new start of Ryo and Akane.
21-22 April
Professor Takemi Sugiyama from Australian Catholic University gave a talk at the MERA symposium on sedentary behavior. Next day, I invited him to my house to have a party with MERA members. The cherry blossoms in front of my house were in full bloom at that day.
14 April
⇒ 受賞論文の概要
Dr. Fukuda Nana graduatd from our laboratory in 2014 received Encouragement Prize of AIJ 2016 for her paper.
⇒ Abstract
1 April
Ohno has become a visiting professor of the Open University of Japan. He also started to teach once a week at Japan Women's University in addition to Tokyo University of the Arts. 
Dr. Isagawa graduatd from our laboratory in 2013 has become a full-time lecturer of Toky City University.
21-26 March
A short trip around Seto Inland Sea and Kyoto with Mr. & Mrs. Johnson from Colorado: Dogo Onsen (hot spring); Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture; Yoshiaki Tada’s new office in Marukame; Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum; Benesse House in Naoshima; Miho Museum; Toraya Café.

26 February
カルフォルニア大学アーバイン校のサンジョイ・マズムダー教授の下で訪問研究員として1年間研究をすることになった 福田菜々さんを囲んでホームパーティをしました。北海道科学大学講師の福田さんは、大学から海外サバティカル制度の奨学金を得ています。
We had a farewell party at Ohno's home for Ms. Nana Fukuda who is going to work for one year as a visiting scholar with Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar of UC Irvine. She, currently teaches at Hokkaido University of Science as an Assistant Professor, awarded the overseas sabbatical program from the school.

Ohno attended EBRA (Environmental Behavior Research Association) Conference held at Chongqing University. He presented a paper coauthored with Ms. Ayaka Iwata and Zongchao Gu. Yuan Yichen, Yu Yang, and Zongchao Gu attended the conference.
21- 27 September 研究室OGの袁逸倩さん(天津大学准教授)の案内で成都、都江堰、九寨溝、神仙池を訪ねる。
Ohno traveled with Professor Yuan in Chengdu、Dujiangyan and Jiuzhaigo.
21September - 21 October 中国の大連理工大学海天学者として滞在、環境行動研究についての特別講義と大学院生の個別研究相談にあたる。
Ohno stayed in the Dalian University of Technology as a “sea/sky scholar”, visiting professor, to give a series of lectures on EBS and to advise graduate students on their researches.
A report (in Chinese) ⇒大連理工大学建艺学院研究生会
26 July
– 2 September
Ryuzo Ohno stayed 5 weeks in Changchun, China, where he taught academic writing and presentation in Japanese to Chinese students who received scholarship from Japanese Government to seek Ph.D. degree in Japan.
9 July 東京工業大学の大野研究室最後の博士課程学生、尹慶さんの6月修了をお祝いするパーティを大野宅で開きました。
We had a party for the last PhD student of Ohno Lab., Ms. Yin Qing, who received her PhD degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology last June.
30 May 2016年日本建築学会著作賞の授賞式において、神戸大学時代の同僚で、現日本建築学会会長の中島正愛氏から賞状と賞牌を受ける。
At the AIJ Prize 2016 ceremony, the president Dr. Nakashima Masayoshi, a colleague at Kobe University, gave us the certificate and a commemorative of the prize of AIJ for book.
28 May MERA(人間・環境学会)の第23回年次大会が法政大学で開催され、大野に2015年度人間・環境学会功労賞が授与されました。
Ryuzo Ohno received MERA service award 2015 at the 23rd MERA annual conference held at Hosei University.
10 May 中国杭州の浙江工業大学に招かれて講演。通訳は以前、東工大で研究員をされていた同大学教授の劉霊芝さん。
Ryuzo Ohno was invited to Hangzhou, China, to give a lecture at Zhejiang University of Technology. Professor Lingzhi Liu, who was a research fellow of Tokyo Institute of Technology, kindly served as an interpreter.
  A report (in Chinese) ⇒ 建筑工程学院新闻
24 April 来日中の大連理工大学教授、陸偉さんを迎えて大野宅でパーティ。同氏の東大での恩師、高橋鷹志先生と千葉工大教授の橋本都子さん、東大教授の西出和彦さんが同席。
A dinner party was held at Ohno’s house for Professor Lu Wei from Dalian University of Technology, China. Dr. Takashi Takahashi, Lu’s teacher at University of Tokyo, his wife Professor Kuniko Hashimoto of Chiba Institute of Technology and Professor Kazuhiko Nishide of University of Tokyo joined the party.
18 April 今年度の建築学会賞の発表があり、大野隆造・小林美紀の共著「安全で心地よい環境をつくる 人間環境学」(井上書院)が2016年日本建築学会著作賞を受賞する。
⇒ 受賞論文の概要
Architectural Institute of Japan announced AIJ Prize 2016.
Ryuzo Ohno and Miki Kobayashi's book, "Human Urbanism for Creating Safe and Friendly Environments", received the Prize of AIJ for Book, 2016.
Announcement of the AIJ Prize
Outline of the book (in Japanese with English abstract)
Dr. Isagawa graduatd from our laboratory in 2013 received Encouragement Prize of AIJ 2016 for his paper.
⇒ Abstract

The Chinese version of the book
8 April 上野にある東京藝術大学で週一回「特論 環境計画」を教えることになる。初講日は花見シーズン真っ盛り。
Ohno started to teach once a week at Tokyo University of the Arts in Ueno, which is one of the hottest spots in Tokyo particularly in this HANAMI (cherry blossom viewing) season.
29 January
An architectural students’ group from China led by Associate Professor Yuan Yiqian of Tianjin University visited Ohno's house in Kohoku New Town, Yokohama.
  Professor Yuan wrote a report (in Chinese) ⇒ archiworld 北京世界之旅

25 November 2015 日本大学大学院生物資源科学研究科(湘南キャンパス)にて「人の心理と行動から構築環境を考える」と題して特別講義。
Ohno gave a special lecture titled "Built environment considered from human behavior" at the Colledge of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University (Shonan Campus).
15 November カイザ・ブローナーバウアー教授(フィンランドの前オウル大学建築学部長)が大野宅を訪問。旧知のスティワート先生夫妻も同席。
Prof. Kaisa Broner-Bauer, former Dean of the Department of Architecture, Oulu University, Finland, visited Ohno's house. Her old friend, Professor David Stewart and his wife Toshiko joined the party.
7 November 研究室のOB・OGのホームカミングデイ:大岡山の東工大蔵前会館会議室で近況報告と懇親会を開催。
Home coming day for the OB/OG of Ohno Laboratory was held at a meeting room of Tokyo Tech Front in O-okayama.
24 October 日本建築学会空間研究小委員会の見学会として、宇都宮大谷石地域の石切場跡地での地底湖クルージングに参加。
Ohno participated a site tour to the rime stone pit in Utsunomiya organized by the KUKAN KENKYU subcommittee of AIJ.
21-29 September ポーランドのLodz(ウッジ)で開催されたEAEA会議に参加、余漾さんと共著の論文を発表した。 ⇒論文PDF
Ohno attended EAEA (European Architectural Envisioning Association) Conference held at Lodz University of Technology Poland. He presented a paper coauthored with Ms. Yu Yang titled "Effect of pedestrian observation mode on perceptual continuity of the streetscape"
11 September 日本建築学会第80回空間研究小委員会研究会「空間研究のこれまでとこれから」に、門内先生、積田先生とスピーカーとして出席
Ohno participated as a speaker with Professor Monnai and Professor Tsumita a symposium titled “KUKAN KENKYU (Research on space): its past and future” organized by KUKAN KENKYU subcommittee of AIJ.
6 September 日本学術振興会の外国人招へい研究者として来日中のマズムダー先生ご夫妻を迎えて日本国内研究協力者とその家族が大野宅で懇親会を開く。
Prof. Sanjoy Mazumdar with his wife Shampa visited Ohno’s house and had a party with Professor Yurika Yokoyama and her son Haruki; Professor Hiroko Mizumura and her son Miki; Professor Shunsuke Ito; Ms. Eriko Kawano and her daughter Rina; Professor Minami’s son Seij.
1 August
– 5 September
At the Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China, Ohno taught professional Japanese language for Chinese students who will be receiving PhD education in Japan.
6, 7 July
I gave lectures in Tianjin University and Beijing Forestry University, where former students, Ms. Yuan Yiqian , Ms. Yin Qing, Ms. Yu Yang served as interpreter for my talk.
The Chinese version of the book, "Human Urbanism for Creating Safe and Friendly Environments" translated by them was just published in Beijing during our stay.
1, 2 July 中国瀋陽の東北大学と瀋陽建築大学で「防犯、防災のための人間行動を考慮した環境デザイン」について講演しました。
I gave lectures on “environmental design for safety from crimes and natural disasters considering human behavior” in Northeastern University and Shenyang Jianzhu University in Shenyang, China.
26 June 中国上海の同済大学建築都市計画学院において「日常行動の観察に基づく環境デザイン」に関する研究交流会に参加。
Ohno participated a research meeting for exchange ideas on environmental design based on observation of people's daily activities held in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.
1-30 June 中国の大連理工大学海天学者として滞在、環境行動研究についての講義と大学院生の個別研究相談にあたりる。
Ohno stayed in the Dalian University of Technology as a “sea/sky scholar”, visiting professor, to teach EBS.
8 May 日本建築学会「文化と環境WG」公開研究会
31 March 東京工業大学の大野研究室は3月31日をもって閉店。とはいえ、営業(研究活動)は続けます。
The Ohno laboratory in Tokyo Institute of Technology was closed on 31 March. However, research activities will be continued.
26 March 研究室最後の卒業生が巣立ち、これまでの卒業生が約100人に達しました。
The last students from our lab cerebrated their graduation. Our laboratory had turned out about 100 graduates.
20 February
Ohno gave his last lecture at Tokyo Institute of Technology. More than 150 people including former students from abroad attended the lecture and an informal get-together held in Suzukakedai campus in Yokohama.